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Product ID£º Product Class£º
 TFT3.2-240(RGB)320A00 - Product Parameter  
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Product ID£º  TFT3.2-240(RGB)320A00
Blacklight£º  240(RGB)*320
Backlight colors£º  MCU
Dimensions£º  67.66*95.6*3.7
Active area size£º  48.6*64.8
Whether public module£º  No
Whether hot£º  No
Time£º  2012-02-08
Products£º A.Features Overview:
(1) MCU speed bottleneck, color the amount of data is relatively black and white module is much larger, updated interface when the need to quickly refresh the data, so the traditional SCM is often unable to meet, even if reluctantly whom also make the overall system response speed becomes slow.
2 color and technology, the driver IC replacement very quickly, a screen often does not take six months will be updated if it is the driver IC changes you need to change the driver, if the structure changes, then you need to modify the PCB, the product the continuity is extremely negative, while using this product, you can display some independent, screen updates to solve the procedures and structure of the user do not need to change.
3 module control the form of a string command, simple, microcontroller from the serial output Hello World will be able to control the module, which is almost all microcontrollers have the ability.
(4) The product memory made ​​in the form of a memory card, users can directly use the computer processing the image data in the form of a document copied to the memory card, the microcontroller to the reader in the content.
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